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Optional On/Off Foot Switch For Brush Type Micromotors
Price: $26.00
Optional on/off foot switch for use with Kits K.1020, K.1030, K.1070, K.1080 and K.1090.
AP1130 Plastic Carrying Case for Portable Micromotor
Price: $50.00
Plastic Carrying Case with laser cut protective foam insert holds contents of new Portable Micromotor Kits. Carrying Case is optional and NOT included in Kits K.1030 or K.103018. No tools included.
A-KC300 Nylon Carrying Pouch for Portable Micromotor
Price: $19.00
Lightweight woven nylon carrying pouch has pockets for securing new Portable Micromotor Control Unit and Handpiece. Pouch is optional and is NOT included in Kits K.1030 or K.103018. Comes empty.
Charger/Adapter for K.1030 Micromotor, HP8-306
Price: $45.00
Used to charge battery and for corded operation. Universal Voltage, see details for plug adapters.
HP4-933 Cradle for Micromotor Handpieces
Price: $6.50
Cradle for holding any of Foredom's micromotor handpieces.