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Videos feature Foredom's line of Brush Type and Brushless Micromotors:

1. Overview of Foredom's K.1070, K.1020, K.1080 and K.1090 Micromotor Kits.
These "Brush Type" kits utilize the same control box. Video identifies unique and
shared kit components.

2. K.1070 - Changing Accessories and Collets

3. K.1070 Micromotor - Changing Motor Brushes

4. K.1070 Micromotor - Changing Fuse

5. Overview of Foredom's Brushless K.1050 Micromotor Kit

6. K.1050 - Changing Accessories and Collets

7. K.1030 - Portable Micromotor with Built-in Lithium Ion Battery