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Welcome to Foredom® – The World's Leading Manufacturer of Flexible Shaft Power Tools
Our tools are sold through a worldwide network of distributors and there is probably one near you that can help with product selection and answer your questions. For information about purchasing Foredom tools through local resources, please contact our Export Department:

You can also buy Foredom products directly in our web store. Our Export Department will review these orders to verify product selection and plug type to be supplied on a power cord. 

The following flat rates and shipping methods apply:

  1. $15 Flat Rate for orders up to $50 These orders will typically ship via First Class Mail.
  2. $45 flat rate for orders $51 to $300 These orders typically ship via Priority Mail.
  3. $150 flat rate for orders $301 to $2,000 These orders typically ship via UPS Worldwide Expedited.

Blackstone Industries, LLC is not responsible for and can offer no specific advice on import fees, duty, customs or taxes that you may be charged when your merchandise reaches you and urges you to consult your local government import office with any questions.

The Foredom factory and shipping facility are located in Bethel, Connecticut, USA. Most overseas orders will ship within three business days upon completion of arrangements (shipping) with the Foredom Export Department (