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H.MH-150 or H.MH-15018 Brushless High Speed Rotary Handpiece, 2.35mm (3/32") or 1/8"

Price $550.00
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Collet Size:
Use Product Options Menu to Select Collet Size: 2.35mm (3/32") (H.MH-150) or 1/8" (H.MH-15018).

H.MH-150 handpiece features a brushless motor design with a high torque motor that is powerful even at minimum speeds. The sealed housing eliminates dust, noise, and vibration, and theres never a need to replace carbon brushes. Comes with either 2.35mm (3/32") or 1/8" collet installed. Included in Micromotor Kit K.1050, K.1053, K.1054 and K.1055.
Handpiece does NOT work with Foredom's other Micromotor HP4-917 Control Unit   
6.3" overall length, .75" grip diameter, 1.06" motor dia.  8.4 oz/237.7 gr., DC32V/3.4A Maximum Torque/Watts Output 10oz-in (70mNm)/230.

1. Changing Accessories and Collets in H.MH-150 Micromotor Handpiece: