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H.30SJ Handpiece, Slip Joint General Purpose

Item Number H.30SJ
Price $70.00
The H.30SJ comes with a geared 3-jaw #0 chuck with 0-4mm (5/32") capacity and HPCK-09 chuck key for changing accessories. Various bench top tools attach to this versatile handpiece, such as the Foredom drill press, Belt Sander Attachment, Handpiece Holder, and AllSetĀ® Stone Setting Kits.

Use with European flexible shaft machines and Foredom flex shafts fully equipped with slip joint style shafting. Cannot be used with standard key tip style shafts.

146mm (5-3/4") long, 25.4mm (1") dia., wt. 6.45 oz., ship wt. 9.55 oz.
NOT a member of the Foredom system of "Interchangeable Handpieces".