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H.15SJ Handpiece, Slip Joint Hammer

Item Number H.15SJ
Price $144.00
The H.15SJ Handpiece has a hammering rather than rotary action for use at low speed (0-5,000 rpm) by jewelers for stone setting and decorative work. Comes with an anvil point (HP10177). It requires periodic lubrication.
Hammer has 1/32" stroke and its impact can be adjusted from light to heavy by turning the silver knurled adjusting ring. Optional points are available: 6 different shaped Anvil Points (HP10171, HP10172, HP10173, HP10175, HP10176 and HP10179); Pave Point (R15PT), and Stylus with Carbide Tip (HP10212).
Use with European flexible shaft machines and Foredom flex shafts fully equipped with slip joint style shafting. Cannot be used with standard key tip style shafts.

143mm (5-5/8") long, 6mm (1/4") dia. at tip, wt. 3.55 oz., ship wt. 4.9 oz.
NOT a member of the Foredom system of "Interchangeable Handpieces".