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For Series SR Motors, 115 Volt (Domestic)

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C.FCT-1 Foot Control
Price: $37.00
Most popular foot operated speed control is made of heavy-duty plastic with durable solid state electronics.
C.SCT-1 Foot Control
Price: $72.00
Same solid state electronics as the C.FCT-1 except comes in a heavy metal housing for added stability.
C.EM-1 Table Top Control
Price: $85.00
Table top control in heavy duty plastic housing with solid state electronics and dial for precise settings.
C.EMF-1 Table Top Control, Dual Speed Range for Series SR Motors
Price: $99.00
Dual speed range table top dial control for Series SR motors. Has 'LO' and 'HI' settings that either restrict speed or permit complete range of motor speed.