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For Series CC, S, SR (1/8hp) Motors-discont'd, 115V (Domestic)

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C.FCT-1 Foot Control
Price: $35.00
Most popular foot operated speed control is made of heavy-duty plastic with durable solid state electronics.
C.SCT-1 Foot Control
Price: $69.00
Same solid state electronics as the C.FCT-1 except comes in a heavy cast iron metal housing for added stability.
C.EM-1 Table Top Control
Price: $69.00
Table top speed control in heavy duty plastic housing with solid state electronics and dial for precise speed settings.
C.EMF-1 Table Top Control, Dual Speed Range-SR Motors
Price: Sorry, This product is out of stock.
Dual speed range table top dial control for Series SR motors. Has 'LO' and 'HI' settings that either restrict speed or permit complete range of motor speed.