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Foredom offers several unique attachments designed for use with its most popular handpiece - the H.30 which has an easy to open and close 3-jaw chuck that accommodates accessories with a wide range of shank sizes from 0" to 5/32".
Angle Grinder
Use with 2" accessories for broad range of grinding, sanding, and polishing on virtually any material.
Right Angle Attachment
Use with Angle Grinder Attachment to convert your H.30 into a right angle handpiece.
Belt Sander
Offers power assist for sanding and smoothing metal, wood, acrylic and composite materials.
Offers reciprocating power assist to hand filing, honing, polishing and lapping on straight and curved surfaces.
Handpiece Holders
This handy product screws on to bench and allows you to hold the handpiece steady and to bring the work piece to the tool.