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AK20 General Use Assortment Kit, 35-Pc
Price: $59.00
35-pc Assortment with steel cutters, mounted points, brushes, sanding accessories, more.
AK21 General Use Assortment Kit, 88-Pc
Price: $160.00
88-pc Assortment with Ceramic Purple Bands and Discs, V Stones, CeramCut Blue Stones, more.
AK2446 General Use Assortment Kit, 34-Pc
Price: $169.00
34-pc Assortment for smoothing and polishing metal, wood, plastic, and acrylic.
AKHK10 General Use Assortment Kit, 10-Pc
Price: $40.00
10-pc Assortment with CeramCut Blue mounted points, carbides, sanding accessories, and mandrels.
AK22 Frank Russell Woodcarving Kit, 33-Pc
Price: $389.00
33-pc Assortment with CeramCut Blue Stones, Typhoons, diamonds, ruby carvers and more.
AK23 Frank Russell Woodcarving Kit, Basic, 22-Pc
Price: $199.00
22-pc 'Basic' Assortment with CeramCut Blue Stones, Typhoons, diamonds ruby carvers and more.
AK2442 Assortment Kit, Non-Metal, 50-Pc
Price: $119.00
50-pc Assortment with accessories for use on wood, rubber, acrylic and other non-metal materials.
AK3361 Assortment Kit, Dental Lab, 30-Pc
Price: $145.00
30-pc Assortment for polishing Valplast, Flexite and other nylon denture materials.
AK3371 Wayne Werner Bench Lathe Polishing Kit, 57-Pc
Price: $275.00
57-pc Assortment with Cotton Buffs, Compound, and Scotch-Brite Discs for use on BL Lathe to polish precious metals, finish pewter and white metals. Click 'More Info' for video and instructions.
AK3375 Wayne Werner Bench Lathe Sanding Kit, 28-Pc
Price: $89.00
28-pc Assortment of 3M Trizact Sanding Accessories for use on BL Lathe for sanding, pre-polishing all metals, plastics and composites. Click 'More Info' for video and instructions.