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AK2446 General Use Assortment Kit, 34-Pc
Price: $169.00
34-pc Assortment for smoothing and polishing metal, wood, plastic, and acrylic.
AKHK10 General Use Assortment Kit, 10-Pc
Price: $40.00
10-pc Assortment with CeramCut Blue mounted points, carbides, sanding accessories, and mandrels.
AK22 Frank Russell Woodcarving Kit, 33-Pc
Price: $389.00
33-pc Assortment with CeramCut Blue Stones, Typhoons, diamonds, ruby carvers and more.
AK23 Frank Russell Woodcarving Kit, Basic, 22-Pc
Price: $199.00
22-pc 'Basic' Assortment with CeramCut Blue Stones, Typhoons, diamonds ruby carvers and more.
AK2442 Assortment Kit, Non-Metal, 50-Pc
Price: $119.00
50-pc Assortment with accessories for use on wood, rubber, acrylic and other non-metal materials.
AK3361 Assortment Kit, Dental Lab, 30-Pc
Price: $145.00
30-pc Assortment for polishing Valplast, Flexite and other nylon denture materials.
AK3371 Wayne Werner Bench Lathe Polishing Kit, 57-Pc
Price: $275.00
57-pc Assortment with Cotton Buffs, Compound, and Scotch-Brite Discs for use on BL Lathe to polish precious metals, finish pewter and white metals. Click 'More Info' for video and instructions.