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2" Screw-Lok Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper Discs with Holes, 8-Pc Assortment, Fine

Item Number AK3620
Price $8.50
8-pc Assortment with 2 each of 240 grit (A-3606), 320 grit (A-3607), 400 grit (A-3608), and 600 grit (A-3609).
10,000 RPM Max Speed.

Screw-Lok Sandpaper Discs screw into the A-69225 Screw-Lok Mandrel, available separately. The 2" discs have holes which help to prevent clogging and they overhang the plastic backing for added flexibility and sanding contours. Available here individually, also in 10-packs and assortments. Use with A-69225 Disc Mandrel when mounting disc onto Angle Grinder.

Using Screw-Lok Mandrel and Accessories on Angle Grinder:

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