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Abrasive Stones-Wheels-Discs

V Stones
Made with a vitrified, self-sharpening, ao grain with super hard porous bond. V Stones in 2 grits are coolest running and longest lasting abrasive stones. Easily cut both hard and soft metals.
CeramCut Blue Stones
Made of unique ceramic and aluminum oxide grain. Widely used on hard metals, including hardened and mild steel, steel alloys, chrome cobalt, titanium, platinum. Also for porcelain and wood.
Aluminum Oxides
Red are fast cutting on steel, malleable iron, porcelain and glass. Extremely fine 400 grit White give high finish on gemstones, stainless and other high tensile tough materials.
Ruby Carvers
Long lasting Ruby Carvers with fine ruby crystals provide a smooth finish on hard materials- steel, porcelain, glass, acrylic. Also soft and precious metals and wood.
CW Polishing Wheels
Ceramic Impregnated Polishing Wheels in 4 grits for smoothing and polishing platinum, gold, silver, titanium, chrome cobalt, all hard alloys. 7/8" x 1/8" thick.
Rubber Bonded Wheels
Unmounted 5/8", 7/8" and 2-1/2" silicon carbide and pumice wheels for light deburring, cleaning, smoothing and polishing with cushioned action on metals.
Cut Off Wheels, Slitting Discs
Rubber Bonded Discs grind, smooth glass, high speed steel, other tough materials. Fiberglass Reinforced Cut Off Wheels cut off, groove, and trim metal, wood, ceramics.
Latch Type Burs
Choice of 7 silicon carbide and aluminum oxide burs for discontinued angle head handpieces H.55A, H.55D, H.56A, H.56D. Latch type mandrel also available.