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A-5748 Flexible Diamond PSA Sanding Discs, 20 micron grade/800grit, 3/4in

Item Number A-5748
Price $0.23
3Ms Flexible Diamond bands and discs are made from a two-ply polyester backing film evenly coated with diamond filled nickel plated dots. Clean and unload with the A-AC1 Abrasive Cleaner or A-HB58 Brass Brush. Use wet or dry. Use to grind, sand and smooth on these materials: glass, stone, wood, carbide, steel, bone, composites, exotic alloys, chrome cobalt, plastic, gypsum, painted or plated surfaces, enamels, and ceramics.
3/4 inch dia (19mm), 20 micron grade/800grit PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) discs. Use with A-M4 disc mandrel. Made in USA. 15,000 RPM Max Speed.

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