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S-93 Shaft for Most Motors, 39" Long, Standard

Item Number S-93
Price $11.00
This 39" long inner shaft comes installed and should be used to replace broken or worn shafts on these motors:
Use with outer sheaths S-77 or S-77N sold separately.  
S-93 Shaft MUST ship via UPS in larger carton to avoid damage (bending) that could occur if shipped in smaller, USPS carton. 

Also use to replace broken or worn shafts on these older, discontinued motors:
M.SR, M.SRM, M.SRB-1/8HP models sold prior to Nov. 2005
M.L, M.LM, M.LB  
M.S, M.SM, M.SB 
M.R, M.RB 
M.500, M.900 and M.990

Replacement shafts require a VERY light coating of Foredom grease before use. Be sure to UNPLUG your motor before doing any maintenance and NEVER operate your Foredom with the outer sheath removed. 
Watch Videos on Lubricating and Replacing Shafting:

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